December 31, 2015

some of my favourite photos from 2015

Happy New Year to you friends! I hope you wrap up 2015 surrounded by people you love!! xoxo

As you guys know, my favourite thing to do is to get outside and capture nature's beauty with my camera - not much makes me happier. Here's a random collection of some of my favourite shots from the past year:

 Jan 1, 2015, we were on Pender Island. This dog came running up to me, the owners trailing behind in the distance. I snapped this photo and threw the stick for him. It was just a random moment we shared, but I will forever love that sweet face.

 I took this shot at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary, one of my all time favourite spots to go for a walk. The fact that nature creates vivid colours like the green feathers pictured here, never ceases to blow me away.
 This is everything that is wonderful about childhood - being lost in a moment. I try to follow her lead.
She was so brave. This was taken in January of 2015. They stayed at the Hotel Vancouver and had an incredible date weekend. They went for a fancy dinner, toured the art gallery and went shopping downtown. It was the last great burst of energy she had before she was bed ridden. I really believe that she must have mustered up every last bit of energy she had to have one last extraordinary, romantic getaway with the love of her life. She was so brave. Even at her sickest, she didn't complain. Not a day goes by where I don't think of her, and miss her with everything fibre of my being. I am forever in awe of her strength and dignity. She really showed me what love is. 
 I know there is a definite division in my circle of friends - those who camp and those who shudder at the thought. I think a lot of it depends how you grew up. I love everything about it - spending so much time in the great outdoors, cooking and dining outside, skipping rocks, hiking, riding bikes - being together with friends and totally screen free.
 I didn't pose this or plan it. I think I just said "try not to smile" and it turned into what I think would be an awesome indie album cover if these three formed a band. 
There is something that feels timeless to me about this photo. The connection between these two is undeniable and so beautiful to witness. They are the sweetest of friends who like to walk hand in hand wherever they go. This photo was taken at Deer Lake Park.
 When she's older, I know, without fail, one of the things I will miss the most is the sound of her feet hitting the floor in the morning, running into our room to wake us up. I love how the soft, morning light is streaming in.
 Excuse me, do I have something on my face? 

Night swimming in Maui. I want to go back there so badly. It was the best family vacation we've had.
Cherry blossom petals. The prettiest pink snow. 
I don't have many photos of us together from the year, because I'm usually behind the camera. This was us getting ready to set out for a date night. Because our dates are few and far between, we do them up right. On this night, we went to dinner and to see Brian Regan do a stand up show. It was the funniest show I've ever seen. When I look at my husband, my heart melts.  To the moon and back, I love him.
 Our dear sweet gal. She was a surprise birthday present for me 15 years ago, and has been our gentle protector ever since.
 Playing with Christmas lights. If I zoomed out, you'd see my daughter on the counter, holding the San Pellegrino bottle perfectly still while I propped the champagne glass at an angle on some books. But together we caught a bit of magic.

 This photo and the one below, were both taken with an iphone on a beautiful sunset walk with friends along Crescent Beach. I live where I do, so that I can share nights like these, with people I treasure.

One of my favourite date nights this past year. We went to a local winery (Township 7) to sample wines, found one we loved and sat on a sunny patio, chatting away.  We topped it off with a delicious dinner out at the Wooden Spoon. By the end of the night, we were going to start a band.
Autumn leaves. Country roads. It's funny because when I was younger I thought I was a city girl, like Carrie Bradshaw, writer by day, and meeting friends for Cosmos at night. But at this point in my life, I'd choose the rural life every time, without fail. Sweeping landscapes, quiet roads, room to breathe and hear the birds - nothing makes me happier.

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