December 30, 2015

10 resolutions for 2016

Well, I for one, am very excited to tuck away 2015. Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of amazing moments - camping with friends, countless dinners with faces we love, travelling to Hawaii, a huge family boondoggle at Bowyer Island, birthday dinners, smoochy date nights, and making the move into a home and neighbourhood that we just love. But this year was definitely one of the hardest I've endured - saying goodbye to my giant love - my mom, losing our family pet after 18 years, and suddenly losing a friend to a brain aneurysm. We are ready to welcome 2016 with open arms. This year we'll meet new babies through our friends, we'll carve out new adventures and tackle amazing projects.
I heard something interesting today on the drive home that by the age 35, we've already formed 95% of the pathways in our brains that are familiar to us - in terms of how we see the world, how we react to the world, our personality patterns. So when we try to tackle resolutions, we are relying heavily on the 5% of ourselves that hasn't been thoroughly formed - trying to create new habits. 
Even though it sounds like quite a mountain to tackle, I still love setting goals.

So for 2016, here's a list of some things I hope to achieve:
Do a 365 photo project
Read a book a month
Travel places we've never been
Exercise a min. of 3 x per week
Kill it at our dance show
Learn how to weave
Plan something special just with my dad and brother
Do a multi day hike
Get paid for something I have created
Do random acts of kindness
Plant a veggie garden

Have you set any goals for yourself?

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