February 9, 2015


Do you take vacations with your extended family? We make sure we have a getaway with my side & one with my hubby's side each year. There's something to be said for being in a new space together, where your only agenda is to have fun, to have shared adventures and meet up for delicious meals. It's quality time together that you just can't compare - without chores, errands and distractions competing for your attention. This weekend we spent a few nights at Harrison Hot Springs. It was chosen for its close proximity to home in case my mom wasn't well, and for the uber-relaxing setting it offers.
Watching the grandkids make cards for my mom, give her giant hugs and kisses each night before bed was the best thing any of us could has asked for. My mom slept most of the weekend, her energy not where it used to be, but to see her meet us for dinner, or show up for a glass of sherry, thrilled us all. Sunday was one of those days where from start to finish I kept thinking, this is one of those perfect days. Do you have some of those etched in your mind - days that you'll never forget? I don't mean the extraordinary circumstances of weddings or births, I just mean those simple, yet beautiful days where a bunch of little things work to somehow build a perfect day. On Sunday, I just kept saying over and over to my hubby, "this day is amazing." My hubby, daughter and I had a beautiful, sunny morning walk along the water and then by fluke, met up with my brother and his children at the local playground. After the kids had a blast playing there, we found that a few venues in town were hosting these incredible family day events and the kids got to do an obstacle race, play in bouncy castle, mini golf, pick out hand painted tattoos and watch a juggling show. After that, my hubby and I traded off childminding time, he hit up the gym and I went for a swim/steam (While I was in the steam room, they were pumping in soft music with the sound of orcas. I was the only one in there, and I just kept thinking I have to stay alert or there's a very good chance I'd pass out from the bliss of it all - and they'd find my shrivelled body, and run some kind of unfortunate human raison discovered headline....). We met my mom for tea in the hotel, then we all hit the lounge and had a drink to cheers my mom. We shared in a delicious feast and went for a night swim before calling it a day. One year ago we were all blindsided by the news of my mom's cancer diagnosis, and I hope to never know a more painful year than we have experienced, but we have persevered and become stronger than ever as a family and I hope, more than anything, that this weekend gave my mom's spirits a much needed boost, just by having us all together. xoxo

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