February 14, 2015

45/365 Love is all you need

Happy Valentine's Day lovebirds! I hope you spent the day with someone you love. 
I'll tell you what love means to me. Love is getting a phone call that your mom is in the hospital, driving like a maniac to get there as fast as you can, and sitting there, not being able to do much, other than just be there. Love is sitting by her bedside,  telling her any silly story you can think of about her granddaughter to distract her from her pain. Love is hunting down a nurse to administer her medication Right Now. Love is having a million things you want to say, but knowing that just holding hands is enough because she knows everything that is in your heart already. Love is staring into one another's eyes, with tears streaming down your cheeks knowing that you both feel such a shared depth of love, that no words can ever sufficiently express. Love is reassuring her that she doesn't have to worry about Dad, that we will make sure he is okay. Love is not being afraid to love someone whole heartedly, even though you know you only get to have them temporarily. Love is knowing that if they don't manage her pain soon, you'd rather her go swiftly, than watch another moment of her in agony. Love is watching my dad by her side, with every gentle gesture and thoughtful errand. 
Love is showing up. And showing up. And showing up. 
Love is knowing that no amount of time will ever be enough. I'll always want more. 
Love is everything I have in my heart for her.

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