February 19, 2015


Here's a few things that I find are helping tremendously during this really challenging time of life: exercise - before hitting the hospital, I've been hitting the gym, to get some endorphins going, burn this stress and give me energy.......assemble your team of support: I've got my hubby and daughter for my daily hugs, kisses and smiles.....I've got friends who have survived this to walk me through things, friends and relatives who love my mom almost as much as I do to share mom stories with, friends who get me out to temporarily get my mind off of things....and my family, who constantly keep one another in the loop with mom updates. My heart goes out to those who go through these things on their own, I don't know how they do it. It takes this team of support to keep me going. There's definitely something I've learned in this process...often people will say, "let us know if there's anything we can do" which is so incredibly thoughtful - but I've learned in life you just should do things....because people rarely ask for help. My mom's friends are cleaning her home tomorrow in case mom gets to come home this weekend. People just drop off food for my dad because they know he needs to eat. I just show up at the hospital with snacks for my mom that I know she will eat. I can't even begin to list off all of the incredible things my friends have just done for us during this year - from making family dinners, dropping off gifts, visiting my mom, or bringing us treats - there's this lengthy list of "doers" that I am so fortunate to know. Do something randomly awesome for someone you know in need. xoxo

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