January 21, 2015

what if........

I slept over at my momma's last night and we had a wonderful heart to heart chat. She was crying, talking about how amazing her support has been over the past year. And it doesn't matter how many times I tell her it's a reflection of who she is, and how she has surrounded herself with the best of the best, she still can't believe it. But when I was lying in bed after, I was thinking about how during this past year, my mom has truly seen the best in everyone. People have been showering her with love, telling her how much they love her, showing up time and time again to make sure she's eating properly and that she's feeling okay. We've had the best talks of our life in this past year, where I've asked her things I've wanted to know, where I've repeatedly told her (always through tears) - just how much I love her and how she's this North Star in my life. So I started thinking, isn't this the way we're supposed to treat those we love? Why does it take a terminal illness for us to show others our best? What if you were told that the love of your life (or anyone you love) is going to pass away at some point this year, you don't know when, but you just know that it's coming this year - think of how you wouldn't take another moment for granted. Think of the urgency with which you'd get working on those dreams you shared. Think of how little you'd waste time arguing. What if we treated one another with copious amounts of love, compassion and thoughtfulness, as if we're all here for a brief amount of time? As mad as I get at the universe for giving my mom this shitty diagnosis, I have never felt more grateful for the relationship we've shared this year - it's been our truest, most loving selves. We haven't taken one moment for granted. xoxo

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