January 31, 2015

Jan 31/365

Hello friends! Can you believe it's already the end of January? Did you have a good start to 2015? I really love doing this 365 photo project (although, some of the photos I've taken have been really sub-par quality, but at least I've kept at it). It's fun to look back at the month and be reminded of all the great things that have come from this time: ringing in the New Year on Pender Island, having amazing dinners each weekend with different friends, taking my daughter to her first concert, going on a date night with my love to see Brian Regan, having a tea party with my momma and celebrating each day that she's with us. So even if you don't do the photo a day project...even if you just jot one special thing from each day on a wall calendar, you'll be amazed at how many wonderful things can take place, just within one month's time. xoxo

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