January 18, 2015


Today was a wonderful Sunday -the hubby and I traded off exercise time, I took our little girl to visit friends and go for a nice park walk, we had a delicious dinner at home - it all felt like the perfect way to wind down the week. I have to tell you about this deal I got today, because I don't know if I've ever been so surprised by a discount. I fell in love with these orange dinner plates at Urban Barn (yes, very spirographesque), that retail for $10 each. I picked up six of them, and when the clerk tallied them up, he said, that'll be "$11." I'm pretty sure I leaned over the counter and screamed right into his mouth, "For all six?!?!?!?" So I ran back and grabbed six side plates, like I was some kind of maniac running against a magical cash register that might soon spit out proper pricing. Twelve plates that I absolutely love for under $25. Thank you retail fairies. xo

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