January 12, 2015


Today started out quite funny. And by funny, I mean panicky. Sweat inducing panic. I literally hauled my butt out of bed, walked over to the Keurig machine, loaded up my favourite mug and a coffee capsule, and just as I hit brew the lights in the house went out. I thought that I somehow blew a fuse because it literally happened the moment I hit the button. Then, when I looked online, hydro was posting an outage in our area affecting roughly 4500 customers. I giggled at first, then realizing I had no potential of a coffee for awhile, waved my fist into the air, "you win this round Monday!"
I took breakfast over to my moms, did some light housework for them and some office work for my dad. It cracks me up that he still dictates letters like we're starring in Mad Men, without the cool wardrobe or crackling dialogue. After a busy morning, we got home, and my daughter refused to nap. It looks like Monday takes round two quite handedly. You see, when she doesn't nap, the simplest thing can set her off. "I didn't want a snack in your kind of bowl, I wanted it in my kind of bowl!!!" Like I was the world's biggest idiot for thinking someone would actually prefer a beautifully presented snack in a pretty porcelain bowl over beaten up plastic.  And even though a big man flaunting a lot, and I mean a lot of butt crack peeking at me from every turn, positioned his mat next to mine at hot yoga (lots of sweat pooling, short shorts,  if you know what I'm saying)....the day was still awesome because it was full of people I love (well, except butt crack man, even though I'm sure he's very nice)....I got home from my class feeling re-centered, re-charged and ready for Tuesday. Goodnight friends. xo

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