March 2, 2013

yep, more photos of my little bean

I keep meaning to take the time to write on this site, but the days just FILL UP so quickly. The funny thing is that I really want to write about balance, but I never have the time. I hope your weekend is going great! We bought the dog a new bed today and as you can see, we should have bought one for the munchkin too, she LOVED it. I suppose if someone put a giant pillow on the ground that was five times the size of my body, I'd probably dive onto it too (and, let's be honest, I'd stay there for awhile to catch some much needed zzzzzs).
We had the boys over tonight for a catch up over delicious Thai food. It's so entertaining hearing their perspective on women. I am so lucky to have this circle of friends who just feel like home to me whenever they are around.
Sweet dreams lovelies! xo

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