March 28, 2013

brace yourself

Did you ever see that episode of Friends where they were talking about their top 5 and one of Ross's picks (Isabella Rossellini) walked into his local coffee shop and he was so befuddled, he didn't know what to do about it? Here's my ever evolving list of favourite handsome actors:
Javier Bardem. My #1. I remember first seeing Javier in No Country for Old Men and was terrified and mesmerized by his performance. But then when I saw him at the Oscars later that year, in a tux, without that haircut from No Country......well, it was love, love I tell you!
Check out his seductive side in Vicky Cristina Barcelona (apparently it worked enough to seduce his co-star Penelope Cruz...right down the wedding aisle. Whatever.). He's also outstanding as Bond's arch nemesis in Skyfall.

Ryan Gosling. The boy is a talent who happens to, spoiler alert, look amazing whilst acting.
Crazy Stupid Love, The Ides of March, Drive - he was riveting in all of them. From his early days in The Notebook, the quirky Lars and the Real Girl, or to his dramatic turn in Blue Valentine, he's not afraid to show his vulnerable side, which I really admire.
Robert Downey Jr. The charismatic scene stealer. I love his energy, his comedic timing and his resilience. He is THE comeback kid. In his early years it looked like he was busy filling a punchcard on rehab visits but he kept. coming. back. He is Iron Man. 
 Colin Firth. The Charmer. In Bridget Jones' Diary and Love Actually, he is quietly captivating. You just know he'd show up at your door with flowers. He is the epitome of the classic romantic.
Leonardo DiCaprio. There are so many titles under his belt proving his talent: The Basketball Diaries, The Aviator, Blood Diamond, Romeo and Juliet, Inception, and on goes the impressive list of movies he has dominated. But it was The Departed that catapulted him onto my radar. Not only did he hold his 
own against a heavyweight cast, but he shed his boyish image from the Titanic and emerged as a man
Paul Rudd. The funnyman. If a guy can make me laugh, his sex appeal skyrockets. I Love You Man, Knocked Up, The 40 year old virgin, Anchorman, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, This is 40: Paul knows how to bring the funny and is likeable in every turn. 
George Clooney. The handsome activist. He's come a long way from the Facts of Life. Syriana, Up in the Air, The Ides of March, The Descendants, or one of my favourites: Michael Clayton, Clooney has proven that he's more than just a damn pretty face. His humanitarian work in Darfur has showcased his intellect and compassion, which makes for a very attractive combination. 
Joaquin Phoenix. The intense one. There's a fire brewing in this man. Gladiator, Walk the Line, The Master: all showcased his brilliance. He will win an Oscar one day, mark my words. He has that intensity that few actors possess. I put him in the same talent pool as Sean Penn. Riveting.
Clive Owen. The man of Mystery. Croupier, Gosford Park, Bourne Identity, Closer, Children of Men (a must see) - he draws you into his world. I've missed him on the big screen lately and look forward to his return in Blood Ties with Marion Cotillard this year. That voice, those eyes, and amazing acting chops? I mean, come on. 
Daniel Craig. Bond. I could have filled this last slot with a number of notable men (Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, any Brad) but when I think of the epitome of handsome bad ass, Daniel Craig comes to mind first. He has erased all cheesiness from the Bond franchise and introduced us to a spy who can hold his own fighting, drinking and screwing like no other. Skyfall is the best Bond film to date and one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a long time. 

Who would be on your list?


Unknown said...

Okay...this is uncanny...if I were doing this list I would have chosen EXACTLY the same men for the very same reasons! How spooky is that?!

kelly said...

that is uncanny! Clearly, your taste is amazing! ;)