March 4, 2013

a shadow of my former self

You know in Office Space when that secretary says, "Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays?" Well today I did. And if someone had said that line to me today, I probably would have decked them or run off crying, or both (punched them while crying).  I felt it all today: fat, old, exhausted, you name it, I felt it. My hubby, recognizing this, or perhaps wanting me out of the house, did the baby's night routine while I went to a hot yoga class. On the yoga studio's quote of the day board, someone had written, "Peace doesn't mean living without hard times, peace is enduring challenging times with a calm heart." It was just what I needed to dust off this day. Well, that quote and 90 minutes of sweating.
Namaste friends. xo

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