April 19, 2011

Pender Island women's weekend

Pictured from top to bottom: delicious breakfast to energize, beginning our hike up Mt. Norman, Niamh and Caroline at the top of Mt. Norman, the payoff view for our hard work, Magnolias at Poet's Cove, paw prints at Poet's Cove, Mooring's Cafe at Poet's Cove, Janet and Karen at Hope Bay, Morning Bay Winery barrels, Morning Bay Winery, steak and salmon feast night. 

The itinerary: 
Friday-all arrive at the house, spaghetti feast, moonlit walk, dance party.
Saturday - hike Mt. Norman, spa time at Poet's Cove, feast at home, dance until the wee hours while screaming 80s lyrics enthusiastically
Sunday: Hope Bay cafe, Morning Bay wine tasting, Port Browning pub feast, moonlit ferry home

Ten women descended on Pender Island. It was a dynamic group of women - a physician, an occupational therapist, a child psychologist, to name but a few in the mix - who all balance families and demanding careers. The conversations were amazing. I love the simplicity of island living. We hiked up Mt. Norman and had a delicious picnic on top, soaking in the amazing views. For $12, the girls went to Poet's Cove steam cave and then sat in the marina-side jacuzzi while sea planes flew by, relaxing the afternoon away. It is such a spectacular setting. We went on moonlit walks, full of deer sightings who aren't afraid to graze a mere foot or two away. We sat on the deck and watched as porpoises and seals swam by. When there are ten women involved, you know the food is going to be incredible. For $25 each, we split groceries for the weekend, took turns cooking and feasted like queens (who in turn drank like sailors and danced like no one, and I mean no one was watching). 

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