March 10, 2011

just around the corner

Bring on Spring! I can't wait until we get sun that lasts for more than a weekend. I can't wait to dress for one season instead of wearing so many layers that I look like the Michelin Man's lesser known sister. I took some floral photos today for two reasons:1) I desperately wanted to see splashes of colour again and 2) the photos that I planned to take at the harbour were brought to an abrupt end. In attempting to take a shortcut to said photo op locale, I slipped and fell down a grassy hill in my ridiculous wedgie-heeled shoes, which I discovered today are more of a "sitting shoe". No matter how cool you are (and believe me, I'm not saying I'm cool) - but the coolest person can't make slipping or tripping look cool. I hastily picked up my purse that had flown yards away from my body, picked up what little remained of my dignity and high tailed it back to the office with a soaking wet butt. So, even though it often doesn't look like it, some days I do give it my all for these 365 photos :) 

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Anonymous said...

KB You are the Coolest Kid I know.