March 29, 2011

It's time to stop beating myself up

I really have to learn to champion myself instead of being so hard on myself. Are you your own worst enemy? It's definitely easy to live in the future instead of being present. I'll be happy when......I find someone....I get the right job.....I lose ten pounds......I've paid off my house.......I have children....I retire....I *meet* Javier Bardem...... I beat myself up all the time for dreams I haven't yet achieved or those ten pounds that I haven't shaken off yet. (They keep clinging on for dear life!) The more we can live in the present and savour all of the delicious moments with friends and family, the less we stress and worry about all of the 'what if's' down the road. The only thing I know for sure is that life flies by. Try your hardest to stay present and walk away with great moments from each day. As cheesy as it might sound, some people keep a gratitude journal to write down three things they are grateful for from each day. You'll find that soon enough, you're seeing more positivity in your days and becoming more present in your daily life. I find that this photo project helps me stay present. Each day I try to be creative or look for some small standout detail in the day. Tonight, I tried to take a photo that represents me beating myself up but instead it looks like I'm kicking myself in the boob. Pretty funny. Take that boob! I won't beat myself up for not getting the photo quite right. :)

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