March 20, 2011

Burns Bog

It felt like Spring today. It was one of those beautiful days where you could feel the sun's warmth and everyone was out enjoying it. We went to Burns Bog, one of favourite places to walk Molly. Inside the forrest, we came across a tree, beautifully decorated by a family who had lost their 19 year old son. It was very touching to come across such a pretty dedication in the middle of the woods. One of the many reasons I love being a dog owner is that we get to explore all of these great spaces together and get to see that happy expression on her face at the end of each walk. Bliss. 


Anthony said...

That's one of our favourite haunts too. One of the great benefits of living with a dog is that you often find yourself in places that make dogs happy ... and those are the best places to be.

kelly said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Well put Tony!