March 13, 2011

grandma's 100th

We had a family celebration today for grandma's 100th birthday (which happens on March 15th). She has seen more changes in her lifetime than I ever will. She is truly a remarkable woman. I love that she still has a twinkle in her eye at 100. She is everything you wish for in a grandma. I'm so happy that my brother's children get to know her too. Every memory growing up with grandma is great - from helping her pick fresh fruit and veggies from her beautiful garden, learning how to play cribbage, pool and darts, going to the strawberry patch and helping her make jam, riding the train in stanley park, watching cheesy shows like the Love Boat together every weekend, sitting on the counter and watching her do laundry by hand, endless bowls of porridge with her and grandpa, hundreds upon hundreds of cups of tea we've shared over the years, her incredible baking, putting her hair in rollers, or simply holding her hand - I adore every wrinkle, every smirk, she's amazing. 

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