December 29, 2014

you say you want a resolution.....

Hello friends! Are you ready for another new year? What's on your agenda this New Year's Eve? Do you like to ring in the year partying it up with friends or do you prefer a smaller gathering? Do you stay up or do you like to snooze your way through the calendar change?

Do you make any resolutions for yourself? Here's my little list to tackle for 2015:

  • quality time with mom
  • manage grief - seek support, exercise frequently & watch great comedies
  • do a photography 365 - I've never finished one yet - this will be the year!
  • have a big beautiful travel adventure with my loves
  • get fit  - have fun getting in shape - set aside regular workout nights
  • explore new places/restaurants/events - So much inspiration comes from trying new things
  • put together meal plans on Sundays - to make the weeknights easier & reduce food waste
  • try and achieve creative success through writing or photography
  • read a tonne
  • do something big
  • plan lots of fun dates with my love, my daughter & my friends
The older I get, the more I want to just live an authentic life - where the home I live in, the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the people I surround myself with, the activities I participate in, truly reflect who I am. I just like being around funny, bright, kind hearted people who just get it  - that our success isn't measured by our bank accounts, it's measured by being our authentic, best, happiest selves.  I think the older you get, you just don't want to waste what little precious time you have being anything but that. I hope 2015 treats you all to a healthy, happy, wonderful year. xoxo much love & peace.

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