December 23, 2014

some favourite photos from the year - part one

I love looking back at the year in photos, making a coffee table book to put my favourites in one spot and saving all the photos on the external hard drive, clearing space for a new year of memories. 
 There's always something magical about sunset & silhouettes.
 She was the bravest warrior I've ever known this year. And pictured here with her grandbabies means the world to all of us.
 Cheek to cheek with our little ray of sunshine who has made this difficult year a whole lot brighter.
 I love photographing her against blue backdrops to bring out her beautiful eyes.
There's is something magical about dancing in a sea of colour after a fun run with an awesome friend.
This event was a giant spirit lifter and I wanted all the colourful aftermath captured on film.
 I love the burnt, desert looking dusty red colour of this staircase, and the adorable couple climbing it.
 This bubble reminded me of a dreamy planet earth. I don't use photoshop, so this bubble is all natural.
 My mom's garden had regular visitors all summer, which added so much happiness to her days.
 Farmer's markets - one of my favourite things about Summer.
 Backyard garden parties - another one of my favourite Summer highlights. 
This was taken on a weekend getaway to Mt. Baker - it rained all weekend, but it was one of the best weekends we had all year  - indoor swimming, fuse ball, rainy river walks.....
I loved this little spot - it looks like the perfect place to sit down with good friends over coffee or wine and talk about life.

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