December 26, 2014

Some favourite photos from 2014 - part two.

We were stuck at the ferry terminal for hours and were bored to tears. I'm glad we pulled out the camera and caught a family photo to pass the time. 
 I love this photo, not just because it reminds me of a really fun day out we shared, but because we also caught the silhouette of her bunny - her favourite toy in life. 

 This kite flyer had mad skills - and I love the vintage feel of the sky's colour
 The jaw dropping awesome talent of the Snowbirds. 

 A tutu, gumboots & sprinkler lead to some magical moments. 
What can I say, I just love this face. 
 This isn't a spectacular photo, but I love it because it shows how one couple builds an amazing life together, full of friends and family.
 These two lovebirds just adore one another. I love how they look like they're just spending a lazy Sunday window shopping after  their brunch.

Friendship in a nutshell. 
 This face cracks me up. 
 I just think his name should be Wilbur. I could have watched him play all day. 
We hit up three pumpkin patches this fall, and I thoroughly enjoyed them all. 
This was my favourite photo that I snapped this year - I think it just summed up serenity & peace to me.
Happy holidays friends! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are resting with full bellies. xoxo

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