November 6, 2014

one day....

Hello friends! How are you? I just wanted to sip on a tea and drop a quick hello on this stormy night. 
Life has felt busier than ever lately between the little one and spending as much time as I can with my momma.....but I could tell I was physically and emotionally burnt out. So, yesterday, was this gift where I had a day for myself. What would you do with your day? Some of my choices might look so subtle, but when you have this little one running around, asking you 1000 times a day, "why?" and throwing open the door as soon as you go into the will see why sometimes it's the simple pleasures in life that mean so much. So I dropped her off at her daycare and booked a day for myself and was AH-MAZED at how quickly it flew by.  Seriously, did the earth spin a little faster yesterday?
A coffee and a new magazine. A luxurious combination.
 Browsing shops with a coffee in hand. You can't tell, but I'm smiling from ear to ear at the ease of which I am walking around the store. 
I set up a little craft table for her as a surprise. I may or may not have taken it for a test run before she got home. 
 The post workout glow of a good run in the great outdoors. Happy & stanky.
My day's haul. At some point in the day I decided I wanted a woodland Christmas this year. Ah there's nothing more fun than buying things that look homemade.
What you don't see pictured, but is worthy of mentioning so I don't oversell soon as I picked up my little one, she looked at the things I bought, said, "Why?", spilled glitter all over her craft station and peed her pants. But as I sit here, sipping my tea, I can still faintly remember how tremendous it felt, having that one day. xoxo

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