November 11, 2014

here comes the sun......

As much as I love the city for its variety of restaurants, shopping and vibrancy......I can't help but feel the most serenity in expansive country landscapes. Yesterday I finally had a chance to snap a few photos on a gorgeous crisp, sunny day. For the first time in weeks I felt like it was a chance to breathe and to re-group.
It's no secret that I've been tackling some pretty severe grief ever since hearing "the news" back in February. I fluctuate between days where I'm overwhelmed by the finality of it all and days where I feel strong enough to make the most of what precious time we have together. I try my hardest to be strong for my parents because I know that they are imploding in their own grief.
Yesterday, I asked my hubby for an hour for myself, to go for a drive, with my camera in hand. I found these beautiful remote roads that I had never been down, and something about the serene spaces helped settle down my restless spirit. I finally felt a sense of calm that I have been yearning for through this process.
Today after the Remembrance Day ceremonies, I took my daughter and some lunch over to mom's for a visit. I feel like my daughter, although just two years old, has an old soul. She stood up in front of my mom and I and announced that we needed to have a big party. I said, "for who?" And she said, "For Nana. We need to decorate the house and get a cake with butterflies on it."
I said, "for her birthday next month?" And she said, "No, now."
I love the idea and will put it in motion. Why not just have a random celebration for someone we love?

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