October 14, 2014


This is the first year I did "the meal" in its entirety. It seems a bit odd to be forty(ish) and cooking my first turkey, but when your mom is as an amazing cook as mine is, you don't even try to compete. But this year, I wanted to take over for her, to let her give me her tips, then go to bed to rest. I did a turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, pan roasted root vegetables and homemade cranberry orange sauce. A few favourite recipes can be found here: Ina Garten's Pan Roasted Root VegetablesCranberry Orange Sauce. The meal turned out really well, which I'm so grateful for because not only was it a confidence booster that I can do it, but it was a silent way of letting my mom know that I can do it for her. I can take over the reigns. This Thanksgiving I am incredibly thankful to be sitting at a dinner table beside my mom, I'm thankful for my husband and daughter and their tremendous support, I am thankful for my dad, and his quiet courage in all of this......and I am thankful for my spectacular circle of friends, who keep showing up, even though I've been lying low lately, they keep showing me their beautiful supportive selves. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving at a table full of faces that mean the world to you. xo

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