October 6, 2014

Pumpkin Patchin

Okay, so I went to two pumpkin patches in two days. I wouldn't label it an addiction (yet). This time we met up with friends at the Richmond Country Farms pumpkin patch and had such a wonderful morning. The wagon rides are top notch, with great singers leading us along the ride to the patch, then there's hay bales to climb, a corn maze to wander, animals to see, free apples to eat, and soon, they are adding a miniature train......so, we'll likely be back to catch some of that sweet mini train action. Okay, before you think I'm patch-$&*% crazy.....it's a really fun cheap thing to do with toddlers. At these pumpkin patches, there's so much open space to run around, more entertainment than a local park, and they collapse into the best naps ever. So, it's a huge win-win situation. I hope you're enjoying these gorgeous Autumn days! xoxo

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