October 19, 2014

forty two.

 cheers to 42.
 celebrating with my favourite girls in the world
 one of my girlfriends surprised me with a beautiful cake
 my hubby surprised me with these super comfy rainboots
 dinner out with two completely awesome women
 sharing = no calories. fact
 dinner date with my love at Vij's new restaurant: My Shanti. Absolute dining bliss.
 spoiled rotten by friends who know me so well. 
birthday flowers from my mom's best friend. 

What's your relationship with birthdays? Do you love them, hate them or are you a little nonchalant about them? This year I am tremendously grateful that I got to spend mine at my mom's side. I brought her dinner and flowers as a thank you. She has made every birthday special. She's the one who planned all my little parties growing up and never let a birthday go by un-noticed. Birthdays aren't just about you. They are about the people who love you, who want to celebrate how much you mean to them. This has been a tremendous week with so many faces I love, so if my birthday was a catalyst for all of these gatherings, then I am truly grateful for it. Cake week totally rocks. 

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