September 17, 2014


 Within 5 minutes of our arrival. 
 They walked through the village together like this. A mountain biker sporting dreadlocks shouted, "yo, that's the cutest thing everrrr!!" Pretty unexpected.
 Hang time with the family. 
oh, it's on
 While my hubby sped down the mountain's more extreme runs on a downhill bike, I sported this rad ride with my gal on the Valley Trail. Pretty much the same coolness factor. A gorgeous day for riding.
 I kept looking at this view thinking, does it get any better than this?
 My friend Care, catching a view of Green Lake.
Amazing soft landing. So, now I guess we swim to shore?
 We spent a lot of time at the bumpy slide. A Mega Hit. Nothing says getting away from it all like a vacation playground.
 I asked them their favourite part of the trip and they all said it was playing together.
 The day before, this park was thumping with a giant beer garden. My hubby and I looked through the fence as people listened to music, drank beer and high fived....we silently let tears roll down our cheeks and then we convinced ourselves that they were just jealous that they weren't having a rad time at the playground. We high fived as well, but it seemed ill placed.
Snack break on route home. Say Cheese! 

It was a wonderful getaway with the family. Unfortunately, my mom was sick the whole trip, stuck in her hotel room. The timing was rough, but it was still pretty amazing for us all to be on the same floor of a hotel, popping in for visits and sharing meals. It's pretty awesome to be able to say, "we're going to hit the park for a bit, but let's meet up in an hour for a swim.....or let's all stroll through the village in an hour for dinner." Whistler is the perfect spot because once you're there, the car is out of sight the whole weekend and there is so much to do, right at your doorstep. Do you take vacations with your folks?

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