September 28, 2014

the weekend, in images....

 It's Friday night. Whoot Whoot!
 Our tree was loaded with doves eating the berries. It was a beautiful sight to wake up to. We sang a lot of "When the Doves Cry" upon seeing them. I'd say harmonizing is not one of our top ten qualities. 
 My sweet girl catching some morning sun. Whiskers are kind of crazy.
 Chickadee dee dee. That's the best I could come up with for this photo. 
 Infusing the park with pink. I just love these little faces.
 Beautiful Autumn sun at Campbell Valley Park.
 This field was full of beautiful giant spider webs. I was so into photographing them that I temporarily forgot that their owners were lurking about. Then I felt itchy and ran away.
 An amazing spread put on by our dear friends. Sunday night potlucks are the best. 
 Men being manly, sitting fireside sipping their brews. I kind of wish they had said, "I am Canadian." It would have worked well in this moment. 
 The little gals having their own dinner party.
Because dessert always should be served by candlelight. It's worthy of it. Everytime. xoxo

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