September 22, 2014

Pender Island

 We arrived on Pender late Friday night,  had a wine fuelled catch up and laughs while playing Cards Against Humanity.  In our haze, we woke up to this blueberry french toast feast, created by Faye. We ate a little too well on this trip (think stretchy pant shopping required). I think each meal had a round of Boursin cheese & crackers between sittings. I'm pretty sure if the fine makers of Boursin saw our trip, they would have sponsored it , considering how much we tossed back. Even they would have said, "Whoa, pace yourselves ladies."
 Pender Island Farmer's Market
A picturesque coffee break at Hope Bay 
 Janet and I hiked up Mt. Norman, with this spectacular pay off.
 Lyne and Care brought their kayaks and paddled to Mayne Island
 The view from the deck. I mean, seriously. Did I mention some of the ladies saw two pods of killer whales swim by?
 Whiskey marinated salmon. Hello deliciousness!
Night time stroll to Thieves Bay. 
Lyne's amazing German Chocolate cake for Care's birthday. All weekend we cut mini pieces off this cake, because unless it is served on a plate, cake doesn't have any calories. Fact.
 Karen & Diane's delicious breakie spread. My belly said, Bring. it. on.
The perfect spot for a latte: Poet's Cove. 
 Some of the gals walking on Brookes Point. Most likely laughing at something I said. 
 A gorgeous walk along the Brookes Point bluffs. 
 My contribution to the steady parade of meals. 
Setting sail on BC Ferries back home. Goodbye beautiful Pender Island & free time. xo

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Lyne said...

Beautiful pics again! Thank you for sharing them Kelly! I seriously want a lesson.