September 5, 2014

Happy Friday!!

Hello friends! What have you got lined up for your weekend? We're both nursing colds, I'm working this weekend and we're starting potty training. So, yay. As I write this, my husband, dog and cat are all snoring at varying degrees of volume. Oh Friday night is alive and well in our house. It's funny because last weekend we had a big date night, went out with 18 friends to a baseball game and were out until 1 a.m afterwords.....and tonight I did a Frozen puzzle 6 times and my dog threw up wet wipes on me. It's all a balancing act friends.
The photos above were from a little fair we went to at Burnaby Village Museum. It was fantastic - everything was free. They had old timey games, free carousel rides (which she went bananas for, and so did I, let's be honest)...and a fascinating old fashioned town set up. We went through a tiny one room home that a family used to live in (third photo from the top). All of their meals were cooked on that mammoth of a stove, and they would all sleep in the loft above. We've gotten so soft in today's world, constantly whining about our square footage and ordering take out because we are simply too tired to cook. I'm pretty sure that the people who lived in the one room home used to have to find their own kindling to chop, just to get their stoves warmed up....and while the stove was warming up, they'd be milking the cows to make their own butter...then heading out in the farm fields killing some animal to eat....and then, they'd start dinner.  And some days I feel like the two minutes I wait for my oatmeal to cook in the microwave feels like forever. I'll pull it out after a minute and a half, not quite cooked because, come on already!!!  Yes, we've gotten soft.
I hope you have fun exploring new places this weekend!! xoxo

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