July 18, 2014

Happy Friday!!

Hello friends!! I hope you've got an amazing weekend lined up!! Tomorrow we're celebrating my parent's 50th anniversary. I know I'm incredibly biased, but I think they look like movie stars at their wedding. I can't wait to see so many faces that I love all in one beautiful spot tomorrow. Mom and Dad deserve to be showered with affection, and this is the perfect event for it.
I put together a slide show for their day tomorrow and was blown away looking at the wonderful life they've created for themselves. They really have surrounded themselves with the most amazing circle of people. Today their friends helped get everything set up for the big day, got their house cleaned, yard prepped and brought them dinner. I mean, seriously, these friends of theirs are beyond incredible. I strongly believe that this circle of amazing support is a GIANT reason why mom is doing so much better than we all anticipated.
Craig and I did the math and we'll be 76/81 on our 50th. I guess we better keep tossing back those multivitamins!

And click here for your Friday laugh, it's a lip synched conversation between two 30 year old men, re-enacting conversations held by two 60 year old women.

Here's a few images from our week, xoxo

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ArtGecko said...

What an amazing weekend we had last week! Thanks for sharing Kel. XO