July 22, 2014

An amazing day

Ok, so I've got it people. The answer is love. It's working. The love and support that mom and dad's amazing circle of friends and family have been showering mom with, is having measurable, tangible results. After tomorrow's chemo, she gets a three month break. Three months!! Three months to feel consistently well. Three months to travel with family and friends. Three months to have her here. Her doctor even told her that he's very pleased with how she is doing given what her prognosis was back in February. She's already here longer than the doctors expected and is still going strong. She is phenomenal. So today the grandbabies surrounded her with love. We sat in her garden and had tea and watched the cousins giggle their heads off in the bouncy castle. I had to wipe away the tears of joy that were falling in that moment, having her by my side, watching my brother's kids and mine having the time of their lives, seeing the smile on mom's face.
I don't take anything for granted. I try to savour every moment with loved ones.
I have learned so much going through all of this. Have you heard the song "Let it go" from Frozen? If you haven't, congratulations. Seriously, I applaud you. I hear it everyday. Every. Single. Day. She wakes up singing it at the top of her lungs. So, it's cute in a way, but it's still that song. But I'm bringing it up because it's my new mantra. Let it go. When you get hit with the big things, the life changers, you realize, that so much energy out there is wasted on things that don't matter. Let it go people. Just keep showing up for those who matter most in your life, it's energy well spent. I've seen what amazing things a swell of support can do. xoxo

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