February 1, 2014

the women in my tribe.....

More than ever, I've noticed how after spending time with friends, I've walked away feeling so inspired by the courageous way they live their lives. Through their actions, and conversations we share I always leave feeling ready to tackle the world.
When Janet lost her son, at 10 days old, I stayed by her side in the hospital, bringing her food and holding her hand. It wasn't until I had a daughter of my own, did I truly realize the gravity of what she experienced or the sheer magnitude of her resilience. I always knew she was strong, but now when I reflect upon how she handled that life altering situation, I realize that she just may be the strongest person I know.
When my friend Tam lost her father to cancer, she quickly learned the value of time and how limited ours is on this planet. She sold her home and traded in a highly successful management position for a part time position and turned her focus to charity - selling her homemade cards and amazing baking, with all of the proceeds going to charities she holds close to her heart, including the S.P.C.A and the hospice that lovingly cared for her father. I've never been so proud of her. For more of her amazing work, look here.
My friend Danielle was fed up with the rat race in the Lower Mainland. Danielle and her hubby quit their jobs and packed up their family, driving across Canada until they found a place they wanted to call home. You can read about her adventurous life in Nova Scotia here.
My friend Tricia is one of those people who inspire you to be a better person because she is the most thoughtful person I have ever come across. For example, my daughter was sick, she left us a new puzzle wrapped beautifully on our doorstep. When it was my anniversary, I came home from work to find an amazing bottle of Prosecco on my doorstep. She slips me beautiful cards all the time. Whenever we spend any time together, I always say to my husband that her kindness is beyond measure and she always makes me want to do better.
My friend Forbes lives true to who she is in a world that I'm ashamed to say does not make that road easy. It should be easy because love is love - that should be the end of the story....but for some reason, there are still people who are ignorant and prejudiced, who haven't fully evolved yet. I am always proud of her and hope one day her daughter realizes that she has these amazing moms blazing a trail for future generations to be brave too.
My friend Kim listened to her heart and her gutt and walked away from the familiar into the unknown, which is never an easy choice for anyone. As I saw her setting up her new home, starting over, I knew what she had endured to get to that place, and that it wasn't an easy journey, but I could see that she was finally exhaling and at peace. She persevered.
My friend Leah became a mom before she was ready to, providing a loving and stable home to a little girl desperately in need of one. She was brave and strong at just the right moment and her impact will have a lasting impression, I have no doubt of this.
I have so many stories like these from women I know and love dearly. I don't want any of my friends to feel excluded who I didn't write about because they really are so inspiring to me - whether it's my friend Caroline who is always the first person to show up in a time of crises and is continuously making food for someone who is sick or in need, or my friend Kerry who chose love, even at the risk of losing friends, because love is always the right road.  There are so many stories of heros in the news, but I often find them right across the table from me while we're sharing a cup of coffee.

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