February 28, 2014

Happy Friday!

This is the spectacular view taken from my mom's hospital room. Today I am brimming with gratitude. I'm so thankful that I work with such phenomenal people, that they let me leave early today to be by my mom's side. I'm grateful that I live in this part of the world, where my mom is getting top notch care, and that we get to look out upon this  - a sunny, spectacular city surrounded by beautiful mountains, and call it home.
I'm grateful that my mom and our family, are supported by countless friends and family members, who are constantly calling, texting, dropping off food - people really never cease to amaze me with their generous spirits. I'm grateful that I got to sit in the hospital room and see my dad holding onto my mom's hand, staying by her side, even though he's running on three hours sleep, and showing me that after almost 50 years of marriage, their love is as strong as ever.
Our days are what we make of them. And as hard as some days are, if we look closely enough, there are these little amazing moments all around us.
I hope you have a stellar Friday planned! The baby girl is in bed, and I've got a glass of red wine with my name all over it. peace and love xoxo

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