December 29, 2013

a few favourites from 2013

Hello friends! With the year drawing to a close, I like to take the time to go through my photos before clearing them off into an external hard drive. I always find it such a heart warming undertaking to see everything we've experienced in a year. I pieced together some of my favourite images from the year:
Because sometimes you just need to photograph things from a different perspective, and I think children's shoes are simply adorable.
These photos are so special to me because they capture those pure, spontaneous moments of friendship.
The above photo is from one of our yaya nights - it just serves to remind me how lucky I am to regularly feast on such delicious food with an amazing group of gals. The image below is of a red velvet cupcake which I buy simply to photograph. Just kidding. 
The diversity of weather in this province is breathtaking. The shot above was taken snowshoeing at Seymour Mtn. The photo below is a beautiful summer night at Crescent Beach. I love BC.
These two shots were my favourite portraits of my daughter because they capture how I always think of her: (top) wild hair, bunny sidekick in hand and below her colourful, fearless self

These images celebrate buying my first iphone and rejoicing that I always have a great little camera on hand. The photo above was taken using my iphone at White Rock beach. The shot below was from our trip to San Diego. I love how Instagram can make photos look like polaroids from the 70s. 
These two photos capture some of my favourite weekend getaways from 2013: the above photo is on top of Mt. Baker, where we rented a cabin with friends. The shot below is from a girl's weekend getaway at Pender Island - nature is my playground. 
The beauty of blue. I love how these images bookend the year - the photo above was from Jan. 1, when we took Stella to the aquarium. The shot below was taken at Stanley Park at Christmastime. 
I hope you have had a tremendous 2013!! xoxo

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