September 20, 2013


Hi Friends! Happy Friday! What have you got lined up for your weekend? I'm working, so there's that.
But I am also looking forward to squeezing in some visits with friends.
(My friend Tricia sent me these photos of our little girls - to me they epitomize what friendship is all about: Sharing time and space together and falling over laughing. I love those delicious moments.)
Tonight one of my friends suggested we try a gratitude challenge: 21 days of noting three things each day you're grateful for. By the end of it, you should be in a more positive mindset as you scan your days for the brighter moments. As the weather shifts into darker, drizzly days, I feel like her challenge is perfectly timed - I could use a sunnier disposition. And nothing is too big or small to make your list.
Will you join us in the challenge?
I'm going to focus my gratitude lists on the little things - because I am already acutely aware that I could easily rollover a big list each day that includes: my amazing little gal, my loving and super supportive husband, my extraordinary group of bright and hilarious friends, my incredible - I would do anything for them- parents and in-laws, the fact that everyone I love is healthy, that I have a great job, a roof over my head, food in my fridge.....and on it can go.
But sometimes I think you need to look into the smallest details of your day, to really take notice of what is happening around you to see what makes each day unique:

Day 1:
Three things I am grateful for today:

  • Starbucks baristas handing out free samples of their chocolate chai lattes. You had me at free. And chocolate.
  • Having a spare moment after work to enjoy a beer (and laughs) with friends.
  • My hubby putting our (cranky? independently minded?) little girl to bed and letting me relax

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