September 26, 2013

gratitude day #7

Hello friends! Well, we're one week in to the gratitude challenge - have you kept at it? Discipline is something I am striving for these days - with gratitude, parenting, exercise, and my writing class, which requires us to write daily.
Today was pretty much full of awesomeness, so I am actually going to have to limit myself to keep it to three:

  • Taking my little love on her first professional photo shoot for a friend's children's apparel line: Stonz. (testimonial: Our little girl has a pair of their yellow rubber rain boots, which are her favourite things to run around in.)
  • Perfect autumn weather - all day it was gorgeous outside - 20 degrees of glorious sun - we spent as much time soaking in all the Vitamin D that we could.
  • Running 5 km and feeling motivated/energized thanks to Strava Run, Songza and a delicious halibut dinner.

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