September 24, 2013

gratitude day#5

The day is still young, but I want to seize this opportunity while my little gal is sleeping to write my three gratitude entries:
  • The fact that my view on our walk, is of this little adventurous girl who loves to be one step ahead, excitedly finding pine cones, sticks and rocks to show me--keeping me in the moment.
  • We're house-sitting and have been sleeping in a king sized bed. Is it wrong that I want to buy a bigger home now just to house a new bed? I have slept so well - there's something magical about being able to sleep with your arms and legs spread out like a starfish if you want, without disturbing your partner.
  • grabbing something from my dad's garage and being hit by the faint smell of cologne and engine oil - and being flooded in that moment with amazing memories of my grandpa, and the time I used to spend in his garage, watching him work.

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