September 7, 2013

Parksville, BC

I highly recommend Parksville as a great family destination. We visited there earlier this week for two nights and had the BEST time. We stayed at the Ocean Sands resort, which was located right on the beautiful Rathtrevor beach. The condo style suite was perfect for us, and being on the ground level, we could walk right off our patio to the beach. Heaven. Definitely one of the highlights from our getaway was a visit to Morningstar Farm where you are allowed to roam the grounds freely, pet all the animals, sample their homemade cheeses and wines, or if the mood strikes, watch the cows get milked. We even saw a wild rabbit steal a carrot from the garden and hop away. I thought that was something you only see in children's books. 
The playground at Parksville Community Park is bar none, the biggest playground I have ever seen, it just goes on and on as far as the eye can see. It's no wonder this park is rated 5 stars. It proved to be the perfect spot to let her burn off all her energy before bed. We call that a win-win. Some more little finds we were able to fit in our visit was Coombs country market , Qualicum beach (a very necessary ice cream break), and had our one meal out at Lefty's. Honestly, we've taken our little bundle of energy to quite a few weekend getaways and this was probably our family favourite so far. I definitely think you should add it to your weekend getaway list. xo 

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