June 10, 2013

the buddy system...

On my days off, I meet up with some amazing local mammas with our jogger strollers, ready for business. We go for morning runs and then let the monkeys out to play after. If there's one thing I've learned, is how incredibly effective the buddy system is. When people are waiting for you, you show up. We run in the rain or sun. We don't let anyone bail. I can't guarantee I'd be this motivated if I was just running solo each morning. Actually, I know there's no freaking way I'd be motivated to run in the rain if left to my own devices. 
I realize that one too many times I've caught myself trying on clothes saying, "oh, it doesn't quite fit right, I've just had a baby..." and when the store clerk asks how old my baby is, I quietly cringe and admit, "oh 17 months". So this running group is exactly the slap in the butt I needed to get motivated. 
Grab some friends and put together a plan - it's way more fun working out with a buddy and you will definitely push yourself more. xo

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