June 17, 2013

Summer plans.....

Hi lovely friends! What is on your line up this Summer? If you're staying in town, I don't blame you, this province is off the hook in the sun. Here are 15 things I'm hoping to do this Summer:

  • Take the little one camping. For reals. In a tent. Assess psychological state (mine) post camping to see if aforementioned experience is worth repeating.
  • Take the little one on her first flight. Keep rental car company names on speed dial in case driving home is our(my?) only option. 
  • Transform our back deck and have our friends over for dinner when it's done
  • Have a picnic in Stanley park and ride the train
  • Have a big family bbq in our yard with our extended families 
  • Keep regularly exercising so that my body is bathing suit ready. I used to say bikini ready, but let's be honest - no one is ready for that. much. white.
  • Enter a 5km race with my running crew and a 10 km race solo
  • Catch an outdoor concert
  • Have a weekend away to a place we've never experienced
  • Take the little one to the PNE so I can watch her enjoy her first experience on rides and she can simultaneously watch me enjoy the miracle of mini donuts. 
  • Try different local farmer's markets
  • Build my own veggie garden
  • Buy a hybrid bike
  • Visit local wineries with friends
  • Whistler getaway

1 comment:

Momma M said...

Great Bucket list. I bought myself a hybrid bike for my birthday. I'm so pleased!!! Good luck crossing off items!!!