June 23, 2013

camping with toddlers

The destination: Chilliwack Lake
On our way! Sippy cup? Check. Cracker that I can smush into smithereens all over the car? Big check.
Our site backed onto the Trans Canada Trail (part of the world's longest network of recreational trails - which by 2017 will stretch 23,000 kms. They were ready to run all of it....now!
Hey guys, don't mistake me for a log, ok? Did you hear me guys? 
We are hoping that one day they fall madly in love and have amazing, beautiful babies with giant afros. 
A playground! omg omg omg
That slide was awesome Dad! K, you stand there and watch me while I do that 100 more times!
clocking yet more kilometres on the Trans Canada trail....
giggling in the tent: undoubtedly laughing at how ridiculous their parents are...
Our new tent, that not only fit her crib, but my 6'5" tall hubby could stand up in it. Pimp!
adult fireside drinks & s'mores. children sleeping. camping success.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Kelly! I especially love the sleeping Stella with my sisters quilt keeping her warm :)
Lu xx

kelly said...

Lu, It is bar-none, my favourite quilt. She is asleep with it right now. xo

Anonymous said...

:) that's made me so happy to hear Kelly xxxx love to you three ( jealous you're in summer mode) xx