May 21, 2013

my favourite bromance.....

May 26th, seven years after it was cancelled, Arrested Development is back on Netflix for season 4, thanks to a groundswell of support from die hard fans who weren't ready to let go of a show that was so. damn. brilliant.
For anyone who has followed the show, you'll  know what I mean when I tell you how much I've missed:
  • Tobias, the first licensed analyst/therapist : analrapist
  • Every character's chicken dance.
  • "He's a never nude."
  • "Lindsay, you've got to be the laziest person in the world." "Michael, if you weren't all the way on the other size of the room, I'd slap you!"
  • "I'll have a vodka rocks." Mom, it's breakfast! "And a piece of toast."
  • "What do we always say is the most important thing?" Breakfast! "No, family."
  • "I just blue myself."
  • Lucille (regarding Lindsay) "She thinks I'm too critical. That's another fault of hers."
  • Bob Loblaw's Law Blog
  • Annyong!
  • I've made a huge tiny mistake
  • Geroge Michael: "Ann called, she's going to pre-dawn mass." Michael: "Ann has a lot of mass."
  • Steve Holt!
  • "There's always money in the banana stand"
  • "Her?"
  • Mrs. Featherbottom: "Who wants a banger in the mouth?" "Or as you say here in the united states, who wants a sausage in the mouth?" Michael: "We just call it a sausage."
  • "I know, we'll stick it in her brownie!"
  • "We have to get rid of the seaward!" Lucille: "I'll leave when I'm good and ready!"
For anyone who hasn't seen the show, this post won't make any sense to you. But I encourage you to see, what I find to be, one of the most brilliantly written comedies of all time.
The Bluths are back!

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