May 2, 2013

have a great weekend!

Have a great weekend friends! I'm so glad May's here, aren't you? There's already a huge shift in the weather and my disposition(both are proving to be a lot sunnier with a slight chance of isolated awesomeness). I felt like my tank was running on empty in April and I discovered I'm not quite the cool, resilient chick I aspired to be. Okay, you're right, I'm super cool, just not very resilient. Sometimes you have to have setbacks before you can gain this little thing called perspective. So bring on May and the opportunity to refuel. Fun plans, exercise, healthy eating, quality time with friends/family, reading more, writing more, more time in the sun, anything that lends itself to making me feel inspired instead of depleted.  Lean in to what makes you happy people!
I'm heading out for a weekend away with the girls, and have spent the entire evening hugging the $&* out of my little girl because I know I'm going to miss her so much. I think we read 10 books, sang 5 songs and I held her hand while she fell asleep. Dramatic much?
It's funny, I appreciate the mental break that this little getaway offers, but I know I'll pine for her, will be blissfully reunited, and then be exhausted again shortly after, pining for this little getaway. Parenthood is a funny tug of war of energy and emotion.
I hope you have a great weekend! Try something new - pick a new place to sight see, try a new restaurant, get a new mix of friends together, watch a new show, anything to make it feel fresh!

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