May 21, 2013

an hour of serenity

Some of my favourite mommas and I hit our local Mom Spa as a treat to ourselves for Mother's Day. (And yes I tipped the lady for her utmost professionalism as she worked on my feet- she didn't even shriek when I removed my socks!). The concept of the Mom Spa is great - there's a huge (supervised) playroom for the kids while you get to sit back and be pampered. Leah brought a bottle of champagne and Tricia brought chocolates and we savoured every moment that we got to visit and indulge (uninterrupted!). It wasn't until I became a mom, that I realized how important it is to steal a bit of time for yourself to re-energize, whether it's visiting friends, going on a date with your loved one, squeezing in a workout -anything that makes your life feel a little balanced again.

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