February 7, 2013

What's your song?

Last night on Modern family, the men are reduced to tears listening to the song cats in the cradle. It's one of those songs that seems to tug at every man's heartstrings, making them reminisce about their relationship with their father or son.

My friend sent me the ad in the clip above from the Superbowl the other day, and it didn't take long before I was in tears. It's the one song that always guts me, partnered up beautifully with gorgeous footage of the relationship between humans and animals, I really didn't stand a chance. (It's the lyrics "children get older, I'm getting older too..." - that tug at my overly sentimental heartstrings).
I know some of my male friends will tear up because the man in the commercial is drinking Bud.

Is there a song that turns you to mush?

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