January 31, 2016

closing out the month

Hi friends! Can you believe January is already done? I'm kind of glad, aren't you?  The more distance we put between us and these drizzly, grey days, the better. Here's a quick update on the last half of January's 366 photos:
 1.16.16 Excited to have my homegirls over for dinner and a movie in.
 1.17.16 I love my vantage point from up here. We finally took down the Christmas lights, although I kind of wish people kept them up year round. There's a certain kind of magic when all of the homes on the street are lit up.
 1.18.16 It's a big day over here. We walked up to our local school and snapped this just before we registered her for Kindergarten. They say the days are long and the years are short, but I truly can't believe that we are already at this point of life. I savour every day we have off together and know it's going to be a hard day in September letting her wings spread a little more.
 1.19.16 Our weekly post ballet lunch date.
 1.20.16 Today was a fun filled day with her best friends. I love her sense of adventure and brave nature. Watch out Merida!

1.21.16 Which one should I read next?

 1.22.16 Movie Night: Kung Fu Panda. #fridaynightsaredifferentnow #wehaveuglyfeet
1.23.16 Pie Face: The Anticipation is mounting.....Wait for it.........

 1.24.16 These beautiful little snow drop flowers have started to bloom in the memorial garden I created for my mom. I never planted these, so I find it incredibly touching to read that these flowers signify Sympathy and Hope. Perfect.
 1.25.16 I'm so pumped about this utility cart we picked up from Ikea today (and assembled it like a boss!)
 1.26.16 Puddle jumping made this grey day a lot more fun.

1.27.16 The only reason I snapped this terrible selfie is because I had just been I.D.'d buying a bottle of wine. (The store probably has a policy that they have to ID everyone who looks like they're under 40, but whatever it is...I'll happily take it). 

1.28.16 A legit night out with my kick ass girls. If there is such a thing as an all fish taco diet, I'd SLAY at it. 

1.29.16 There is nothing like the feeling of seeing this face for the first time each day. My heart will always be full.
 1.30.16 I'm pretty sure the officiating budget was blown on this game.
1.31.16 There's nothing quite like sliding your feet into some sexy, warm, rental shoes.

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