January 15, 2016

A week in photos

Happy Friday night friends!! I hope you have an amazing weekend lined up for yourself. I'm excited to catch up with friends this weekend, who always manage to make my spirit soar. Here's a few photos from the week's 365:
 1.9.16 Vancouver in January. Alright, I suppose.

 1.10.16 I was lucky the workday wrapped up early and we got to ride around the hood. She got this bike for Christmas...When she first saw it, she said, "I never mentioned a flag on the back when I was talking to Santa about a bike, but I can work with this."
 1.11.16 One of my New Year's resolutions was to do more random acts of kindness. First on my list was to toss together a little gift basket for my mom's best friends.  My daughter and I had so much fun putting it together and were so excited to drop it off. They helped our family so much through mom's hardest days, showing up day in day out with meals, doing mom's laundry, mowing their lawns, you name it, they did it. They just kept showing up, and still do, cooking my dad meals all of the time. They are our angels.

 1.12.16 I can't tell you how much I love these moments: Creating artwork side by side, grooving to Songza. But then Macklemore's Downtown came on and she nearly lost her mind. A dance party of her own ballet moves, peppered with martial arts ensued. Watch out Elaine Benes.
 1.13.16: Coffee is on, birds nest cookies cooling, waiting for some of my favourite mommas and their little loves to arrive. Life is good.
 1.14.16 How to make entering a grocery store seem really exciting.
1.15.16 "Inside you time moves and she don't fade. The ghost in you she don't fade."

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