September 6, 2015

what a day for a daydream.....

Hello friends! How is your long weekend going? So far, we've had a lovely mix of family time and time spent with friends. I'm thoroughly loving the new crispness in the air, aren't you? I think what makes us unique, what makes us individuals, is the blend of our passions. Every one carries around a different mix of what interests them, what lights them up from the inside out. And as individuals, I think it is so important to make sure we keep tapping into those things that keep our light ablaze. I personally think the world is a better place when people are taking responsibility and dedicating time to what makes them truly happiest. Walking around in the beautiful sun today with my two big loves, feeling birds eat right off our hands, being surrounded by endless expansive natural beauty and having time to snap photos felt like the perfect day. I'm really paying attention to these moments, to these times that feel sublime, and trying to douse my days more frequently with them. Don't you love it when you are experiencing those things that make you so happy deep down to your toes, that you can't help but grin from ear to ear all day? Next week I start up dance classes, and personally, I cannot wait. It's definitely one of those things that makes me feel like I'm deeply connected to what brings me the greatest joy. What are some of your biggest passions? (Aside from the love you carry for your family/friends). I'd say mine are travelling, hiking, photography, writing, dance classes, interior design and making people laugh. Don't you love it when you meet people who dedicate time to their passions? I find it truly inspiring - like when my friend Janet talks to me about how to set up a garden, or when my friend Tammy uses her baking skills to help local charities, when I see my friend Caroline teach children, or when I eat anything my friend Alicia has cooked. This world is a better place because they are dedicating time to their incredible passions. So, take a moment for yourself this weekend, to dedicate time to something that cranks up the switch on your light. xoxo

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