September 24, 2015

Happiness is.....(photos from the week)...

 Time shared with my loves. Friends who feel like family, well, it doesn't get any better than that. At one point we were all singing together in the kitchen, karaoke style, as we cooked together. Those are life's best moments.
   Time to savour the great outdoors. Nothing is better for the soul, in my humble opinion. Walking alongside the river, breathing in all of that fresh air, reminding ourselves that we are merely passing through what will be here long after we're gone. Nature demands our respect, reminds us of our connectedness and facilitates our curiosity. Get outside.
 A new book and a cup of joe - one of my all time favourite combinations. Bliss.
 Dinner time is our time together at the table. No tv. No phones. Just us, being our goofy selves.
 Watching her ride with such confidence, while doubling her bff: I just run alongside grinning, cheering her on.
Getting back to dance classes. (hip hop). It doesn't even feel like exercise because it is so much damn fun.

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