August 3, 2015

the week in images.....

 My favourite love birds on route to Saltspring Island
 The Farmer's Market in Ganges

 Our awesome campmates
Rainy afternoon cheese tasting. It's a thing people. They're real and they're amazing. 
Rainy afternoon beer tasting. We needed something to wash down all of that cheese.
The tremendously beautiful Ruckle Park.
Our stunning voyage home.
 the three munchketeers

 Buntzen Lake -A gorgeous swimming spot
 Fun in Tsawwassen where we stumbled across a fair and our oldest friends - an awesome day.

I remember once reading a quote from a photographer who took over one hundred photos a day, and then when he had his heart broken, he could hardly muster one. I have to say, I've been absent a lot on this blog for exactly the same reason - I've hardly picked up my camera. Most of the photos I've posted lately are all from my iphone. My grief definitely set in more recently. I think at first, you are watching someone you love struggling for so long that you just want their hell to be over for them. You can't bare to watch them struggle to move, struggle to breathe, seeing their skin stretched so tightly over their bony frame. And when they are gone, you feel a sense of peace for them, a sense of relief that they are through it all. One of my friends said it best to me this weekend, that you feel as though they are just away for awhile. But when it sets in that they are never coming back, that you can't speak to them again, that you can't hold their hand again, it hits you like a tonne of bricks. So, my camera has been collecting a lot of dust lately, and my blog has been quite neglected. I've been navigating these waves of grief. I thank you so much for those who are still checking in to this space and apologize for the big gaps in postings. But I read a quote by A.A. Milne that I think puts grief into a lovely perspective: "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."
In these photos, I hope you can get a sense that I'm trying to get out as much as possible to make our summer an adventure. I think the time spent in the outdoors, surrounded by loved ones, helps to reignite our spark again. xoxo loves

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